We provide Home care, Senior care, Specialist care, Reablement care, Visual impairment care, Live in care to allow you to remain independent in your own home and assist you with activities of daily living. Our professional and discreet service ensures that your dignity and independence is maintained at all times.

Senior care:

We, at Aniis Care, provide care support to Elderly people. We help them with everyday activities such as personal care, meal preparation, shopping and managing correspondence, as well as giving them the support they need to in order to engage in social activities. Furthermore we offer specialised care for people with dementia and other age-related health conditions. Our care workers administer medication and help service for users to manage their own treatment. We have personalised home care services for older people; our support plans are designed to accommodate their unique preferences and aspirations.

Specialist care:

At Aniis Care, we provide specialist care at home assistance which enables disabled people to live independently and actively. We provide daily support which allows our service users to have as many opportunities as possible. We help people with everything such as personal care, meal preparation, maintaining tidy homes, managing their finances and correspondence. In addition we help our disabled service users to lead an active social life, with our assistance in travel to and other activities.

Visual impairment:

We provide sensory services for visually impaired people which may include access to environment, independent living skills, communication, access to work and training opportunities and self-directed support.


We provide expert reablement services which include trained occupational therapists and specialised care workers who manage the transition from hospital to life at home.
Our reablement services focus on empowering people to look after themselves. They teach service users the skills need for daily life for managing their own personal care, like cooking and cleaning. We customise personalised programmes for each of our reablement service users.

Home Care:

The basic objective of Aniis Care is to create and provide the best-in-the-class and cost effective home care services for people in old age, the disabled, patients-at-home and those that need special care.
Our complete home care services cater to a person with special needs to stay in their home. Our quality home care services include:
•Personal care, such as help with bathing, washing your hair, or getting dressed
•Homemaking, such as cleaning, yard work, and laundry
•Cooking or delivering meals
•Health care, such as having a home health aide come to your home
•On-time administration of medication which is vital for old age patients health and happy living

Live- in Care:

Aniis Care offers quality-driven live-in care services to young and old alike across London, UK. Our live-in care services cater to the needs of those people who wish to remain independent in their home in spite of their complex health or old age condition. Aniis Care’ service excellence in offering live-in care support is proven and tested by time. We have the ability to listen, understand and exceed each client’s needs and expectations. Usually, our clients that need live-in care, can be categorized as, hospital discharged, ailing or sick individuals or couples, disabled people who cannot manage their routine, and children that need care in the absence of parents.

Domiciliary Care:

Aniis Care’ domiciliary support is all about making each client to live a full, happy and independent life at home, till there is requirement for supervised medical care. Our domiciliary support staff helps clients with
House-keeping : Cleaning rooms, dusting interiors, changing linen and towels, laundry and ironing, running errands, and bill payments
Personal Care : Grooming, dressing, washing and bathing, nail care, and timely medication
Companionship : Accompany on trips and visits to different places especially to the doctor or hospital, maintain conversation, and help in reading newspapers and books
Leisure activities : Support hobbies, encourage exercises such as walking and dancing, and accompany on social occasions or prayers, and managing the diary

Disable Care:

At Aniis Care we understand that disabled, irrespective of their age need good care and attention for early recovery, physical and psychological. When dealing with an old parent, there are different types of disabilities such as broken bones, Alzheimer’s disease, loss of eye-sight, diabetes and arthritis, and cancer even. All these instances require continuous monitoring and care. Revive’ care staff are trained to help the old aged to overcome the pain, and limitations that go with each disability.

We visit you in your own home, hospital or nursing/care home to assess your needs.

In consultation with you, the level of care is assessed in order for us to provide you with a personalized service. We then prepare an individual care plan for you, and select a suitable member of staff to meet your care needs.

We can supply a Registered Nurse or Health Care Assistant/Carer to assist you from just a few hours a week up to 24-hour live-in support.